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 Posted: Sun Jun 3rd, 2012 11:02 pm
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Sieges... well when an army is trapped into a siege it's usually only a matter of time before they surrender or starve. A siege is not for the impatient or faint of heart.

Ft Donelson was barely a siege but when the CS forces retreated behind their earthworks to surrender.

Vicksburg was a full on siege, but it took a series of manuevers & battles to pin Pemberton in the works. Any honest study of the Vicksburg campaign should impress the reader w/ the problems faced by Grant. He was stymied several times before he hit on his May offensive, the net result of which was bagging 30,000 CS POW's. Most of which failed to return to the fold after their parole. He opted to parole them for a variety of reasons. Feeding & supplying them was the problem of the CS. Re-equipping them was the problem of the CS. The down side to his immedielty paroling them was the CS proved they would not honor the parole system and large numbers of those men were put back into the line w/out ever being properly paroled.

Chatanooga was a siege that Grant broke keeping the Army of the Cumberland a viable force and guaranteeing another defeat for Bragg & the CS.

Petersburg was the final siege that broke the ANV.

Lee allowed himself to be pinned behind the defences of Petersburg eliminating his ability to manuever.

Grant was a man that understood that sieges & armies end when the besieged surrender. And Sieges almost always lead to a surrender. When Vicksburg fell I think it was cemented in his mind that to pin an enemy army behind the imagined safety of his works was to seal the doom of that army. He was correct.

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