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 Posted: Tue Jun 5th, 2012 02:52 pm
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  I would certainly espouse one tenet of what is called: "Lost Cause Mythology." I certainly believe that: "The overwhelming U.S. manpower and materiel resources had been fundamental in bringing about the Confederate defeat."

  The Confederacy was clearly the weaker side, and was not able to achieve a total military victory. In order to achieve its objectives, it had to get the stronger side to stop fighting.

  Certainly, this has happened many times throughout history, such as the war of the American colonists against the British Empire, and more recently, the North Vietnamese against the Americans. The weaker side must retain the ability to continue the struggle long enough to induce the stronger side to give up the fight. In order to win, the stronger side must have the will to continue to fight until the weaker side can no longer resist.

  In the case of the Civil War, the stronger side in the end had the will to fight until the resources of the weaker side were exhausted. That, at least, is fact and not mythology.

  A summary on the topic of the: "Lost Cause," according to Gallagher and others:

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