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 Posted: Wed Jun 6th, 2012 10:19 pm
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Johan Steele wrote: personal attack? Ok get a thicker skin.

I provided an ample reading list on the subject. Read on the man and make up your own mind; though it seems to be already made up.

He was not a good American after the war, he never reconciled himself w/ defeat among other things. As tio his creative recollections, read some of his hateful assaults upon Longstreet in particular.

I have enough of the right skin to handle you.  But, my friend, you still fail to answer my question.

I am not interested at all about reading about the so called lost cause.  I am interested in talking freely about what General Early was wrong ith what he said in his book.  Not what someone said about him.

Everyone here is free to voice their opinion and I respect yours as well as anyone else.

It seems as if there are those that just can't seem to get past the the lost cause mind set
well enough to answer one simple little question.

What did General Early write about that was wrong? I have to say he must have been a good General because the men liked him and they fought and marched hard for him.

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