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 Posted: Thu Jun 7th, 2012 10:41 am
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JG6789 wrote: The preceding portion of the passage you quote: “Reason, common sense, true humanity to the black, as well as the safety of the white race, required that the inferior race be kept in a state of subordination.  The condition of domestic slavery, as it existed in the South, had not only resulted in a great improvement in the moral and physical condition of the negro race…”

That is a clear statement of exactly what happened and is still happening today. Black freedom, yes. Equal opportunity, no.

The last part of your statement, keep in mind that there wasn't but a small percentage of blacks that left the South even being free until roughly 1900.  For various reasons they remained to be with family and friends, etc., and attempt to lend into the new world for them. Even at that they were not basically free due to white laws and murderous action
until the 1960s.

Early was a man of the day and he wasn't the only one of his nature concerning blacks.

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