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 Posted: Thu Oct 27th, 2005 02:52 pm
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His name is Albert Sailhorst. He enlisted in Bankhead's Battery (First Tennessee Light Artillery, Company B) in Memphis in May 1861, as a sergeant (Bankhead's Battery became Scott's Battery in June 1862). Members of Bankhead's/Scott's Battery were from Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Albert's Service Record show that he died in Selma, Alabama, at a hospital late summer of 1862. The service record also lists him as Died in Chattanooga of chronic diareah in late fall 1862 or early winter 1863 (I forget which, as I have his record at home, and I am at work now).

I have found no census listing for him, nor have I found a Widow's pension application (I don't know that he was married or not). I don't know where he was from, his occupation before the war, married or other family status. Basically, all I know is the unit he served and that he died of disease. I'd also like to know where he is buried.

My reason for desiring this information is because I am a reenactor with Scott's Battery, and my "First Person" is Albert Sailhorst. Out of respect to the real Albert Sailhorst, I'd like to know as much about him as possible. My fear is that he died alone, was buried alone, had no one to mourn him and ended up forgotten by history....I'd like to do his memory justice and remember a fallen hero....


Albert Sailhorst, Reenactor, Scott's TN Battery

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