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 Posted: Sat Nov 25th, 2006 02:19 pm
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Wow! I'm not anywhere nearly as well informed as you folks are on Civil War music but I will throw in my humble vote for "Dixie." Why? Not just because they used to play it at University of Florida football games back in the early sixties and the fraternity brothers of Kappa Alpha would stand at attention when it was played, but mainly because it is one of those wonderful songs that no matter how it is played, it sounds spectacular.

It can be played plaintively on a harmonica, slowly and achingly. It can be played as a rousing marching song (as in the old University of Florida days.) It can sound lonely; it can sound proud. It can make you weep. It can make you happy. It can be played as jazz, as a hymn, as a pop song, as a brassy Dixieland-style song, as a beautious orchestral piece with strings, harp and, well, the entire orchestra. Or it can be a simple camp fire song played on acoustic guitar.

I am not originally from Dixie.  I grew up near the Gettysburg battlefield, so my sentiments probably should not be so much tied up in "Dixie" so much as in another great Civil War song, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" which also often brings me to tears, but even as a kid, I always had a special affinity for "Dixie" and I'm sure I always will.

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