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 Posted: Sat Nov 25th, 2006 09:21 pm
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Thanks for the info about the King Tut exhibit.  I saw the one that toured the U.S. in the 1970's, too.  It was outstanding.  My plan is to take in this new exhibit, but now I'll know what to expect and  won't be disappointed.

I see that you just finished "Embattled Courage."  What did you think of it?  I read it several years ago.  When I saw it in the bookstore, I was quite interested.  After reading it, I was disappointed.  It was an interesting study and a worthy subject.  However, I thought it was too broad in it's portrayal of the emotions of the soldiers.   The author seemed to assume that ALL soldiers felt a certain way about things and they were all motivated by the same beliefs about courage and valor.  I guess I was expecting more insight into the lives of those who fought.  As I said, I do think the subject was worthy of research...I was just disappointed in the author's approach.

Anyway, thanks again for the information about the Tut exhibit!


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