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 Posted: Sun Nov 26th, 2006 07:01 am
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Sarah first about King Tut.  Here in L.A. they were billing it as King Tut large letters and in small letter  and other Pharohs .  Then they were using the picture of what looked like the Mask we saw in the orginal tour. It is actually the top of a 12 inch container for the liver of King Tut.  Not fair.

Embattled Courage our reading group at the Drum Barracks in Wilmington California decided it was an over long essay.  Not a work of history .  Very general.  Represented the literate .  We also felt that the literate wrote what they thought others might want to hear.  Even in their journals they seemed to be writing for others.  We all felt it was worth reading but not what we had expected. 

Next two books for our reading group are  Jaffa's book on the Lincoln Douglas Debate  and the brand new Biography of Varina Davis, Lincoln at Cooper Union and last book Craig Symonds Joe Johnston biography. 

This December we meet and share a review of a movie on the Civil War.  Now I am talking related to the Civil War in any way at all.  Realisitic , hokey, serious , what ever.  The first year I shared Wicked Spring, Last year Johnny Shiloh , and this year I am sharing a tape of the made for tv movie from 1969  Journey to Shiloh.  It is so bad it is good.    We pop popcorn and have no more than ten minutes to share about the movie and show a clip.  It is really a fun evening.  I sometimes wonder what the former inhabitants of the Drum Barracks think of some of the movie clips. 

Enjoy the exhibit , just go not expecting King Tut.  Let me know what you think when you are there. 

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