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 Posted: Mon Aug 6th, 2012 04:41 pm
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You are welcome Cleburne. He is definitely persuasive in his arguments for the Seven Days being a turning point of the war. It would be interesting to see him go up against the Gettyburg-ists.

What he said about Lee was very interesting. How the south didn't think much of him for the first year of the war. It wasn't until Chancellorsville that the Lee of today was embraced by the south.

I thought the what if question about if Grant had been in charge of the Penninsula Campaign was interesting also. The Grant of June 1862 was still coming into his own. I also wondered why McClellen gave up Malvern Hill after inflicting heavy casualties on the Lee's army. Like Gallagher said....McClellen was always looking for the retreat option. Lee and Grant never spoke of it as an option. Lee only retreated as a last resort.

Gallagher also talked a lot about how after New Orleans fell Vicksburg was irrelevant. The south lost any use for the Mississippi when New Orleans fell....which is true. From the Union perspective though....I think Vicksburg still kept the Union from full use of the river. So they had to take it.

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