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 Posted: Fri Aug 10th, 2012 09:46 pm
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Just going on the three Pender mentioned, the Wilderness, Spotslvania, and North Anna first. Looking at William Price's Civil War Handbook total casualties...are listed as...88,571.

William H. Price’s figures can be dismissed. The 37,737 comes from a post-war article by Cadmus Wilcox via Phisterer’s “Statistical Records of the Armies of the United Sates” (1883). In his “Virginia Campaign” (1883) A. A. Humphries identified Wilcox’s error. As Humphries points out, the source used by Wilcox (the surgeon general’s report) contains two separate casualty estimates in side-by-side columns. Wilcox added them together rather than choosing one or the other.

Your latter two estimates conform with the figures accepted by most modern writers. Most would put total Union casualties for the Overland Campaign at right around 55,000 or maybe a bit more. For Wilderness through North Anna it’s under 40,000.



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