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 Posted: Tue Aug 14th, 2012 12:10 pm
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I've been wondering if "turning point" is a misnomer in historical discussions. I am convinced that nothing in history is inevitable and "turning point" implies that after that after a certain point, all events had to lead to one conclusion. Without being too technical, I would submit that chaos theory (or what I understand of it--my wife is a math whiz and has tried to explain it to me) suggests that every action could be a "turning point" in history because every action, no matter how small, causes important results on a much larger scale. If every action is a turning point, can ANY action truly be called what we mean by turning point? I like to see history as countless actions and reactions that interact with each other to produce results that require people to take new actions. Hope I was clear enough. I also hope that if someone can correct or enhance my understanding of chaos I would be most appreciative!


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