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 Posted: Fri Aug 17th, 2012 04:32 pm
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I agree Lee was a true gentleman. Even though he held a great resentment against the Yankees for understandable reasons he realized the South had been defeated and they should reintegrate into US society again. Stanton or Johnson were pricks for not granting him a pardon...would have been a grand gesture at reuniting the country. But with the war so fresh....I guess grudges are understandable in that situation.

My view on Gettysburg Campaign...I used to think it was a waste of his manpower with nothing gained. But while I still believe he suffered a big defeat....his army was able to gather large amounts of supplies in Pennsylvania to keep his army going. Virginia had become war ravaged to where it needed a break. He suffered heavy casualties at Gettysburg but he would have suffered a hell of a lot of casualties if he stayed in Virginia also. Hooker or Meade would have launched some kind of offensive into Virginia that summer if he hadn't gone north. Pickett's Charge though Lee just had over confidence in his men. Even if they had taken the ridge though.....the Yanks had plenty of fresh reinforcements to wipe them off the ridge as soon as a breakthrough occured. Definitely should have listened to Longstreet.

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