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 Posted: Mon Aug 27th, 2012 05:47 am
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Just reading this thread and decided I had to comment on it. All of those who say Sherman wasn't the first one to use "Total Warfare" is misleading. While it was not a new concept of battle his use of it was the best and most well known use in the civil war and the only one to use it with such a large force. Sherman saw the entire South as traitors and sought to punish them in addition to achieving his objectives in the south. He wanted to demonize himself and succeeded very well in doing so. He deserves to be called a villian and killer because that was the image he was trying to cultivate. However there is a fundemental flaw in his tatics that I do no think has be address on this board. The fact that he was fighting in a "Civil" war. His overall objective was reunification as stated by the commander in chief Lincoln. His action may have won the war but most certainly lost the piece. The actions on a whole of the Union army espically the major armies in comparsions to their confedrate counterparts is what has allowed such a deep divide to continue to this day.

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