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 Posted: Mon Aug 27th, 2012 08:37 pm
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Most of the Dads in our 1965 neighborhood were vets. They could band together, organize and get projects done.

I remember a little league field getting built in 2 weeks. We’re talking cinder-block dugouts, fences, backstop, turf infield and a concession stand. Everything up to 1960s safety standards ;)

The materials just ‘showed up’ and the Dads (and sons) provided the labor.

One (or more) magical evenings (I think my memory is merging multiple events) they wandered out to the empty lot and played ball with the boys until about 15 Dads were playing alongside us shavers.

This included the Dad missing 3 fingers on his throwing hand from shrapnel and the Dad whose joke about his jagged scars was ‘there were 6 reported bayonet wounds in Europe and I have 2 of them’…

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