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 Posted: Thu Nov 30th, 2006 03:03 pm
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Hi Patty,  thanks for your reply.  Yes, these letters are original and numerous.  They won't slip away into oblivion.  What fun reading these first hand accounts!  I have a clear imagined picture in my mind of the men firing from the wooded hillside as Alabama troops rushed the hill.  I can almost smell the powder burning.

Iam hoping to find some more info on the N.Y. Sun and articles that were written by Louis West Froelick.  I took the usual routes via the internet and have had only a modicum of success.  I'll keep on digging. 

As for value, at some point I will have to take a total inventory  and ascribe a value to the collection for insurance purposes, as they do not belong to me.  I was asked to help a friend find out, "see if they are worth anything?"  Also, what should be done with them.. They are obviously valuable in that they are first hand accounts of famous battles and passages.  How does one place a financial value on such ephemera?

Many thanks for your informed reply,


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