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 Posted: Tue Sep 11th, 2012 12:32 am
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I'm not a fan of Wiki for a variety of reasons. The busiest ports in the US were not in the South, New York Customs House collected between 60-70% of the annual tarriff revenues for the US. More revenue than Charleston, Savannah, Mobile,Wilmington & New Orleans combined. So the idea that the South created 75% of federal revenue is baseless.

The only way the South could have provided 2/3 of the revenues of the US is if the majority of products headed south after import. Which seems rather unlikely, though once again anything is possible. But it seems a stretch that the wealthy planters were subsidizing the US govt through a disproportional levy of taxes, the average non slave holding farmer certainly wasn't.

I'm running off memory so I may well be off but there are records showing what came into what port via the registar for the Sec of Treasury on an annual bassis.

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