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 Posted: Sat Sep 22nd, 2012 03:51 am
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VirtualCivilWar wrote:
I have a question.  Yesterday, in the mail, I received a cool Civil War facts slider from the CWPT.  It shows a ton of information on it, date of battle, commanders, losses, etc.  On the back of it is has a section called, "Total number of engagemetns in each of the following states and territories during the War"  I found a few things interesting....Virginia had 519 engagements on her soil, while the next largest number of battles was in Tennessee with 298!  But the one that confuses me is that it says that NY had one engagement on her soil.  Does anyone know anything about this?  Are they talking about the draft riot?  Please let me know, I'm very curious.  Thanks!


Some saboteurs (fire-starters) were caught in November 1864. You can find this discussed many places, including here:

That is the one indubitable case, though there must have been many others. Note the involvement of Col. Martin, late of Morgan's brigade. These were professionals acting under the direction of the CSA war department, not local agitators.

The far more famous "New York Draft Riots" of 1863 must have had some Confederate secret-service involvement, as telegraph lines were cut in a very organized fashion at the start of the uprisings. The riots do not seem to have been spontaneous (the usual explanation that they were a protest against the latest draft round is hardly credible; the first day of the draft went by very peaceably). If this really was a serious CSA operation, it is curious that no hard evidence has come to light. On the other hand, it is reasonable to think that the July 1863 conflagrations in NYC were, like Morgan's raid, timed to coincide with Lee's invasion of the North.

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