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 Posted: Thu Nov 30th, 2006 09:09 pm
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Thanks for your replies.  I have counted and read  more than  30 letters- some 4-6 pages describing camp life, troop movements, loading armaments abord the ship, Patrols to Fort Monroe, Camp Martin (?), Passing a large encampment of rebel white canvas tents on the banks of the Potomac without being fired upon,  raising money to pay the Doddsworth's band- a suggestion made by their Capt., encountering an "old darkie" coming into camp at night, drunken Engineer falling overboard and nearly drowning his saver in the process, retreats to the bridge at Bull run only to find impassable as it was  littered with carts and carriages while being fired upon  as the men scrambled to the trees to return fire, lot's of great stuff.  The letters are well written and a joy to read.  There are many letters that pertain to Louis West Froelicks involvement with the N.Y. Sun newspaper that he was a part of and where  he published his writings.  These letters offer a very interesting look at the changes that were taking place in the newspaper business in NYC and across the country, and talks about   monied interests influencing what was written in other papers - a  sort of "body count" or gore  (not Al) cover-up similiar to that which took place in newscasts during the Viet Nam war, in order to keep up moral and support.   I have spent most of last night and all of today reading through the letters.

 Along with these letters are nearly as many letters  from Louis's son, Louis, a Princeton Grad and Newspaper man who resided in Tokyo, Peking, Shanghai, and other cities, recording his encounters in a very painterly manner.  Letters iclude, " A  REPORT OF THE WORK OF THE PEKING ARMY AND NAVY 1907-08,, Beyond this, there are pages and pages of Froelick geneology tracing back to the early 18th century.  A wise person,  probably a family member, has  secured these treasures well.  

So, that's what's new with me.  As you might tell, I am very excited and am enjoying myself.   So, I am taking inventory, expanding my understanding of what is here, and will ultimately have to conclude a value and a proper placement of the collection.   Any assistance will be greatly  appreciated.   Thanks, Dale

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