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 Posted: Sun Oct 7th, 2012 10:16 pm
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It's been some time since I have read accounts on this incredible and unbelievable feat by Major General John Schofield and his XXIII Corps. I had read Wiley Sword's book: The Confederacy's Last Hurrah and it seems there is a very good account and in rather good detail as to the manuevering to accomplish this impossible task.

As for the Confederates, there was a series of re-adjustments to the line and with General Hood perhaps who was not at the top of his game due to the laudnum and such, he was approving changes in the line which eventually left the Columbia Pike open. Open only to such an extent that the Confederate infantry I do not think was any further than a couple hundred yards from intercepting them. It was a miracle that this many troops were able to march on past, silent or not, and get away from their entrapment.

Truly an amazing story.

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