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 Posted: Thu Nov 30th, 2006 10:37 pm
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Hola ole,  Many thanks for your kind reply.  You are absolutely right, this won't be quick.  I haven't stopped reading and surfing since I picked up the letters yesterday around 5p.m.  So many interesting angles from which to research.  The news correspondent angle is compelling.  I have read that big changes were beginning to take place in the way stories were being told in papers in that day.  Froelick talks about how stories are reported and comments about the way other papers report the war.  He speaks of monied interests wanting to "shape" the news to give a good spin.  See new member post for more about that.  I was advised by a kind gentleman to look him up in, GREENWOOD'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WAR CORRESPONDENTS,by DAVID COPELAND.   You don't, by chance, have a copy do you?  It can't hurt to try, right?  Off to the library, I guess?  More later

Again, Thanks Dale

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