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 Posted: Sun Oct 14th, 2012 12:28 pm
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I'm trying to get a good handle on the POW exchanges the North and South did during the war. I have an ancestor who served in the 3rd Missouri Infantry on the Confederate side. Looking through his records it lists him getting captured at Port Gibson on May 3rd. Then being released the next day and rejoining his regiment. But then I found a file saying he was processed at Alton, Illinois on the 18th of May. Then exchanged at City Point, VA on June 12th. But I also have a file saying he served with his command in all the battles up to Vicksburg. I'm wondering if this was all done by paperwork or if he was physically at Alton and then City Point. I had assumed he would have to had been there physicallyat the POW camps but if thats the case how was he with his regiment during the battles for Vicksburg.

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