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 Posted: Mon Oct 22nd, 2012 11:37 pm
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Alot of what you gents has written corellates with the facts, except Stuart ended having large bodies of Federal troops in his line of march. He had to march around them. This leads to the descision of the commander in the field, whether to obey the orders to the letter or continue on the mission under modified circumstances. Lee did give Stuart latitude to do what he did, if the conditions prevailed.
One thing that is never brought up is what did LEE do with the cavalry Stuart left behind? apparently he didn't use it as it should have been.
On the evning of 1 July, Stuart was where he was supposed to be. Because of the Union movements the couriers were not getting to him. He found out where the army had gone and made preparations to move toweards Gettysburg. He had scouting parties out all over the Pennsylvania countryside that he couldn't just leave. He did get moving and got to Gettysburg that evening. It was a good movement for the time. I've ridden in 85 degree plus weather, with full CW gear. Its exhausting to both you and the horse.
Stuart was stung by Brandy Station, but thanks to Brigadier Beverly Robertson, the Union did outflank him. Robertson ran after only a few minutes fighting. What is neglected is the fact the CSA inflicted twice as many losses and drove the Union force back across the river and held the battlefield. It was Robertson'e friends in the CSA congress that started all the crap against Stuart.
In my portrayal of Stuart I had to many times answer this question.

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