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 Posted: Tue Oct 23rd, 2012 04:50 pm
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Gents I agree on some of this but not on other parts. Ashby was a guerilla fighter plain and simple. He did not have the savvy of being a commander like Stuart. As for Stuart at Gettysburg, he was right where he was supposed to be on the night of 1 July. He had to take a roundabout route because he found two corps of Union troops in his path. When a commander finds the enemy sooner, or in a place he's not supposed to be, the orders become null and void. It becomes the commander in the field to decide to continue or turn back. He chose to continue. A Question, Why didn't Lee use the cavalry that Stuart left him? Most people do not mention it or just ignore the fact.
Wade Hampton was a fine leader, and commander, but he couldn't stay away from the front and the personal fighting one on one. Stuart wanted to groom him, and did to a point, but Hampton was wounded too much for Stuart to trust him to any larger commands than he had to. Eric, fine job, I like how you think.
I too am a fan of Cleburne and I believe that he should have had command of the Army of the Tennessee. Things would have been different. Also if Beverly Robertson hadn't had so many friends in the CSA congress, he would have taken the fall and the blame, as he should have, for Brandy Station.

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