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 Posted: Wed Oct 24th, 2012 08:41 pm
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A couple of quick pointers if you are looking at percussion era colts replica o0 otherwise. Grab the cylinder with your thumb and forefinger on the cylinder just in front of the recoil shields. Check to see how much back and forth play is in the cylinder on the frame. Also with the hammer forward check to see how much wobble is in the cylinder side to side. Take the hammer back to full cock and check that wobble movement again, it should be the same or VERY close to what it was with the hammer forward. Put the hammer at half cock and put the weapon next to your ear,barrel up. Listen to the locking lugs as you slowly turn the cylinder. All should lock in with a good solid click. I always take a penlight with me so when I have the piece at full cock I can check the cylinder to barrel alighnment. This is also checking the timing. If the cylinder chamber doesn't line up with the barrel don't buy it! The space between the front of the cylinder when fully cocked and breech of the barrel should be no more than .014 of an inch. I used to use my credit card to check. Make sure the nipples aren't distorted or flattened. you shouldn't dry fire any percussion revolver. Hope I didn't bore anyone, but iof anyone else has suggestions please let me, know. I'm getting abit older and sometimes things slip away! Thanks.:):)

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