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 Posted: Mon Oct 29th, 2012 08:44 pm
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I'm new on here and am enjoying many of these postings even if they are several years old. "widow" you have a first class mind when it comes to discussing these people. Bravo Ma'am! Cleburne Fan you too, I enjoy reading your pieces. you are right in your assessment of Parick cleburne. The South made a very grievous mistake not putting him in higher command. I would have given him command of the Army of the Tennessee. He may not have won, but damn what a run it would have been!
There is an anolgy about birds of prey in Clavell's book "Shogun." It fits several of the CW cavalry commanders and their styles. The high wing hawk will circle and wait on his prey. He is patient and develops a strategy to best take the victim. Stuart, Buford, and Sheridan. The low wing hawk is sent out when the prey is in sight and needs to be dispatched, Ashby, Forrest and Custer. Then brought back and hooded.
All are effective, but the commanding general must have the ability to utilize that talent. Grant and Lee both did.
true even the best commanders had their down days. Winfield Scott Hancock screwed up on the first day of the Wilderness royally. Even though he was called "Hancock the Superb."
As I've mentioned before I've been studying this war a very long time and reading these postings has helped enlighten me. Keep them up.

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