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 Posted: Tue Oct 30th, 2012 09:30 pm
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I think that A P Hill, was an oustanding division commander. But I also believe he was brought up to Corps command too fast. The man who should have gotten the corps was derided unjustly by the friends of a General who should have been court martialed for direlection of duty. That being Beverly Robertson. His failure to hold the flank at Brandy Station was unforgiveable and Lee tried to get rid of him. Stuart was up for that corps command and would have done a much better job. But thanks to Robertson's friends in the CSA Congress that selection was turned down. Lee had wanted Stuart for that job, but instead had to appoint AP Hill. The same can be said of Richard Ewell, better at divisional command.
But there was not alot to choose from and circumstances for promotion were very different back then.

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