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 Posted: Fri Dec 1st, 2006 04:29 pm
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Thanks for the opportunity to post.  I was wondering if someone with advanced knowlege of the civil war in ky could help me out

I have a framed portrait of a relative ( with colt at waist and reverse US BELT buckle) listed for auction on ebay under item 110062898574

the purpose of my post is the following:

in the accompanying obituary for the KY Union Soldier ( interesting that he was a union soldier since he was from todd county,  the birthplace of jefferson davis) it states ( from 1928) that he was part of "the boys in blue who followed Grant Sherman and Buckner during the perilous days of '65.

i am not a civil war expert but a fellow emailed me to ask me how Elijah Wright ( the soldiers name) could have followed sherman grant and buckner since buckner was a Confederate General?

is it your opinion that the obituary ( i have the actual copy that appeared in the Todd County standard) is incorrect or could there have been another Buckner in KY in 1865?

thanks again

scott dykes






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