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 Posted: Thu Nov 8th, 2012 02:31 pm
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Just finished this book.  It was a very good read.  You definitely get a good feel for what the soldiers experienced during this battle.  I knew beforehand it was a mess but didn't realize how much of a mess the battle was until I read this book.  The Union forces being fed one by one into the battle really turned this into a bloodbath.  Grant and Meade really jacked up things by not going in when they had all their forces together.  Major blunder there.  I had ancestors at this battle on the Confederate side and it was pretty interesting reading about their brigades and regimental movements during this battle. 

Amazes me that the Union army survived two devastating flank attacks and still stood its ground at the end of two days fighting.  The gallantry of both sides is well communicated in this book.  It made me respect both armies even more after reading this book.

Anyway if anyone is interested in this battle this is a very good book.

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