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 Posted: Sun Nov 11th, 2012 02:55 am
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JG6789 wrote: BHR62 wrote: Amazes me that the Union army survived two devastating flank attacks and still stood its ground at the end of two days fighting. 


I disagree that either flanking attack—especially Gordon’s—was especially “devastating”.  The very fact that the Federal army not only (as you write) survived them, but was essentially unmoved by them is evidence enough, I think. 

Longstreet's flank attack rolled them up in Hancock's a wet blanket.  Regiment after regiment folded up and retreated to the rear. The attack was rolling along pretty nicely.  It wasn't until Longstreet was nearly killed, by his own men, that the attack lost its drive.  

Gordon's attack...Sedgewicks Corps had been depleted of reserves to help Hancock....Ewell had shelled them most of the day causing significant casualties. The Union right flank collapsed pretty easy when Gordon attacked.   Nightfall combined with stiffening Union resistance finally stopped the advance.  But only after significant gains. 

Grant was stressed enough to where he went into his tent and let out his emotions.  I view this as a pretty close call.  Only the Confederates shooting Longstreet and Gordon's attack starting so late saved the army.


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