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 Posted: Tue Nov 13th, 2012 07:59 pm
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CW Community:

I have accumulate a listing of Letters, Diaries and other writings penned by the men of Connecticut Civil War Regiments during the ACW.

This information is ideal for Regimental Histories as well as an overall military history of the States CW effort.  It can also be used for individual biographies or town histories.

I know of two books on CT in the CW.  The earlier one was written for the Centennial and the most recent, to be charitable, is inadequate in its Military focus.
A quick summary of what I have. 1)      Connecticut had 35 Regiments (Infantry/Artillery/Cavalry) that served in all major events of the AOP, the Southeastern and the Gulf Armies. 
2)      They did not serve with Grants Western armies or the Army of the Ohio/Cumberland, though they did campaign in the March to the Sea.
3)      I m cataloging every letter, diary and other writings (newspapers, OR’s) that are publicly available, by soldier, writing date and location, and the items depository location.
4)      It is limited to writings during the war years, though eventually I would like to include post-war writings
5)      Also included is a record of service of each soldier included in my listing
6)      To date I have scheduled the writings of @500 soldiers and am (using a very rough estimate) about 60% through sources I am familiar with; Historical Societies, Universities and Libraries
7)      I have identified several thousand individual writings to date with again a very, very rough estimate that it will exceed over 10,000 individual writings
8)      For maybe 5% of these, I have the writing itself
9)      These schedules are in Spread Sheet form and will be very using friendly with separate sheets by Regiment, Hometown and Depository Location
Can you refer me to anyone or any organization that may be interested in this information.  Use the private messaging system available on the CWI site.

Thank You

Al J

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