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 Posted: Fri Dec 1st, 2006 10:16 pm
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You're killing me, Tom.  You win.  I give up.  And again, I marvel at all that history in your very own living room.  How cool.

Yes, the general Ord with the beautiful wife whose horsemanship made Mary Lincoln jealous.

Rawlins, Wyoming, was named after which Union officer?  It was a coal-mining town to fuel the steam locomotives on the UP main line.

Gen. Grenville Dodge, the man who built the Union Pacific, named the new town of Laramie for a French fur trapper, Jacques de la Ramie.  He was killed by Indians, according to local legend.  Also Laramie Peak, the Laramie Mountains, the Big and Little Laramie Rivers, the Laramie Plains, Laramie County, Fort Laramie, and the City of Laramie.  Not bad for a nobody.

I must add that the Big Laramie River is about as wide as a three-lane street, and maybe three feet deep, except during the spring runoff.  It was the biggest river I ever saw until I came east and saw the Potomac.  Heck, it's narrower than Bull Run or Antietam Creek.  No grand battles in the sagebrush.


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