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 Posted: Sat Nov 24th, 2012 12:38 pm
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Movie was great!  Hasn't this Board been carping for a great Civil War movie for years...or at least months after The Conspirator?

found a few small errors:

1.  Lincoln never slapped Robert

2.  House Roll Call was always alphabetical not by state

3.  Tad was whisked away from Sinbad play when news of assassination reported.  In movie, he is left in his box crying.

4.  Soldiers at beginning of movie had memorized Gettysburg address.  Doubtful.  Speech was not that well received early on.

Total accuraracies:   Mary Lincoln (Sally Fields);  Andrew Stephens appearance;  Post seige of Petersburg..bodies everywhere.  Seward, Stanton, Welles, Eliz. Keickley, hospital scene with arms and legs dumped, negro soldiers taking no prisoners, and more.  What a great movie.  Hope it wins all Oscars.

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