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 Posted: Sat Nov 24th, 2012 04:04 pm
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Yah, I thought the opening was cheezy and I doubted that black soliders ever had personal time with Lincoln. I watched "Gone with the Wind" that afternoon and I was stuck with contrast of the way blacks were protrayed in that movie and the modern dialect of the black soldiers in Lincoln. I would expect that thier language would be more like "Jim" in Tom Sawyer. As it was, they sounded Harvard educated. Maybe so, but unlikely.

I didn't realize that Lincoln visited fresh battle scene. I had to look it up. Was this the assult of Fort Steadman? And I am thinking that the number of dead in the battle scene was unrealistic. They were piled up in heaps. Was this so?

I excuse the opening scene and the battle scene as a litte bit of theater, in an otherwise great movie.

Best "CW" movie ever.

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