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 Posted: Fri Dec 1st, 2006 10:58 pm
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You did just fine.  One point off for not getting his hometown of Galena, Illinois.  He and Ol' Sam were hometown buddies, I guess.

What a great honor to have a dinky, sooty, cindery, ashy, windy, dusty, coal town named after you.  Rawlins ain't exactly the garden spot of the Cowboy State.  But then neither is Laramie.  Not sure there ARE any garden spots.  That means green grass and plenty of water, doesn't it?

Well, there are still more antelope than people.  And probably more mule deer than antelope.  And probably more coyotes than mule deer.  And way more giant western man-eating mosquitoes than coyotes.

The folks in Corinth must have wondered about all their transient neighbors, sort of like wandering hoboes or carnival people.  Some people just can't stay put and settle down.  Shiftless bunch, those Civil War generals.

Still, they had stars on their shoulder straps, so I guess they weren't all no-accounts.


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