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 Posted: Sat Dec 2nd, 2006 07:49 am
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Patty I am one of those people that would love to have a picture of my great grandfather who was with the 19th Michigan at Tompkin's Station .  He along with many of the 19th were captured and taken off to a prison in Viriginia , He was paroled four months later with a lung diease that got him mustered out and sent home to Michigan.  He lived another 30 years but my grandfather never passed down any pictures of his family to my father.  My grandfather left home to go west to Idaho in the 80's and 90's .  He didn't marry til late in his life.  My father too didn't settle down til he was older.  No pictures .  I was so excited when I got my great grandfather Aaron Sweet's enlistment papers.  I finally know what he looked like , at least that he was 5 foot 10 light brown hair , sandy complextion and blue eyes.  I try to imagine him looking like a youger verision of the pictures I have of my grandfather. I can't imagine selling my great grandfather's picture . 

I have one picture of my dad's other grandfather. He worked in the quartermaster's department in charge of transportation in Clarksville Tennessee.  My brother and I each have a copy of that picture.  When my brother had a beard it was almost the same face looking at us.  He is dressed in his Knights Templer uniform and very stilff and formal.  Can you imagine how excited I was to learn he was a railroad engine in Tennessee right before the Cvil War?   That made him a real person.  Yep my grandmother was older too when she married and had my father. 

I guess different things are important to different people .  

By the way I love reading your posts


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