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 Posted: Tue Dec 18th, 2012 01:09 pm
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Bit off track here so please bare with me. I've gotta look it up, believe the book is My Brother's Keeper, but I seem to recall reading that Jackson was also a Freemason and that he had captured a Federal officer who was also a Freemason. It's an interesting little story about their battlefield visit and I forget at the moment, hence one of the reasons I have to look it up, if he let the man go because of their fratenral ties or if the man was wounded and Jackson waited with him until his (Jackson's) personal physcian could arrive and tend to his wounds.

Edit: Ok, found it. It was in My Brother's Keeper by Daniel Rolph, within the first couple pages of chapter 2. I was wrong about the POW deal, however. It was an account told by Capain Walter Newhall, Co. A, 3rd Pa Cavalry. Newhall had been thrown from his horse near Harrison's Landing and encountered Jackson around the time of Malvern Hills. He did use their connection as masons to keep from taken prisoner and the two did have a brief conversation.

There is something interesting though brought up here. How Jackson was seen by the Federal forces. Newhall says that Jackson's name alone was "as good as a small army" and that he put a lot of terror into the AoP. Quite believeable given his reputation. But I find it interesting that Newhall says Jackson's name alone was the equal of a small army.

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