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 Posted: Thu Dec 20th, 2012 11:47 am
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When asked Grant described McClellan as one of the great mysteries of the war. He had success written all over him. Showed heroism in the Mexican War....was a military observer in the Crimean War....wrote army manuals and designed the saddle the cavalry rode on.  He rebuilt the AoP into an incredible fighting machine.  A very admirable undertaking that showed immediate results.  But yet he was very indecisive as a general when it came to actual combat. He was very gullible in believing anything the Pinkerton's told him intelligence wise. The Peninsula Campaign....Grant would have ended the war right then.

Treason though.....its hard to prove but a case sure can be made for it, IMO. His letters to his wife are pretty damning on his lack of help to Pope. I think it was the Civil War Times that had a long article on his slow movements towards Pope. He seemed to view Pope as the enemy rather than Jackson. He seemed to take great pleasure in seeing Pope destroyed at 2nd Manassas. When Lee marched north into Maryland Lincoln had no choice but retain McClellan in command. At Antietam he would once again show incredible slowness and total lack of killer instinct. He could have easily destroyed Lee right then and there with one more push.

I think he wanted the country exactly as it was in 1860. So he wasn't motivated to deliver a crushing war ending blow to where the north could then dictate terms to the south. He was one of those who believed in the south coming back on peaceful terms....which in reality would never have happened.

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