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 Posted: Mon Dec 24th, 2012 07:19 pm
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I have a quick question. Does anyone know what the original colors of the locomotive the General were? I've been looking at model trains on the Lionel website as model railroading is a hobby of mine and one of the locomotives they have is the General but it's in green and black with gold trim. The colors just didn't feel right right so I've done a little looking around online and find it in red and black. But there again I have questions as late in the war the locomotive was deliberately destroyed, well more severely damaged, to keep it out of Federal hands and had to be repaired after the war. Which means it could have been repainted.

The red and black scheme feels more authentic, but I'm not sure it was. If I were to decide to purchase the Lionel model I might want to repaint it to fit how the General actually looked. And I'm sure that green was used on locomotives then, but the scheme they have just doesn't seem right.

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