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 Posted: Sun Dec 30th, 2012 03:05 pm
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  Since a thread about amusing quotes made by soldiers was recently rejuvenated, I thought I would bring on the subject of unhappy quotes made by the soldiers.

  During the first half of the 19th Century, West Point developed into what was most probably the finest engineering school in the world. West Pointers became prominent leaders both in the Army and in the civilian world. Much of the country's growing infrastructure was built by West Pointers.

  During the Mexican War, many West Pointers gained valuable experience and made names for themselves in the Army. When the Civil War got underway, they became most of the senior leaders on both sides of the conflict. Before that, many had spent long years serving together in the Army, and had developed a deep respect and affection for each other. This endured in many cases despite serving on opposite sides of the war.

  This respect was often felt by West Point graduates toward fellow officers who were non-West Pointers as well. At Chantilly on 01 September 1862, a Federal officer was riding in the dark in the middle of a blinding rainstorm. He rode into Confederate pickets, who ordered him to surrender. The horseman turned his horse around and attempted to flee, but took a bullet which severed his spine.

  Confederate General D.H. Hill was nearby. He approached the Federal officer laying on the ground. In the light of his lantern, General Hill recognized the fallen man. He gasped: "You've killed Phil Kearny. He deserved a better fate than to die in the mud."

Philip Kearny - General Kearny - Civil War

  The following day, General Kearny's body, along with his horse and his gear, was returned to the Federal side.  It was accompanied by a note from General Robert E. Lee to General John Pope.

Robert Lee letter to John Pope, 2 September 1862 | Familytales

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