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 Posted: Mon Dec 4th, 2006 03:47 pm
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Tom and Patty, we had over 1,000 people come though the Drum this week end to see our reenactors and visit the decorated rooms of the Barracks.  I think I must have greeted them all in the library.  The whole week end was a huge success. 

One of the reenactors had a dvd of Moorpark reenactment from last month .  He put it on our dvd player in the library.  I had it on continuous play all week end.  Little kids would come in and sit right down on the floor to watch.  The funniest was the reenactors coming in and trying to find themselves in the dvd. 

We even made the paper although they got the name of the Museum wrong . 

Oh and by the way we had new t shirts and totebags with a member of the camel corps on them .  Soldier on top of a camel .  They sold quite well. 

We also sold several autographed copies of two of our members books  Dave Shultz The Battle Between the Farm Lanes  HancockSaves the Union Center Gettysburg, July 2, 1863   and a self published book by one of our docents David Bean  Beyond the Battles : Drama and Heartbreak during the Civil War .  This book is mainly about the killing of John Rains a leading figure in the Los Angeles area during the early years.  

We all I think had a good time.


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