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 Posted: Sat Jan 26th, 2013 04:10 pm
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The April Issue of Civil War Times has an interesting article, Was War Inevitable? How six men might have saved the lives of 650,000 Americans.

I found each of the six stories interesting, but I was particularly surprised by the - fourth story. In November 1860 president Buchanan proposed to his cabinet that he call for a constitutional convention to discuss an amendment to the constitution to permit secession. I didn't know that.

The article points out that this could be considered a delay tactic or it could provide the south with a democratic and legal way to secede. I note that the author asserts that the constitution is silent on secession, and I know that some in this forum wood assert that "rights not specifically given to the national government, belong to the states" so they would say the constitution WAS clear on the matter.

I still wonder why this course was not pursued BEFORE taking actions that would INEVITABLY lead to war.

If the the south prevailed in the convention, they could go in peace. If they were unsuccessful, at least they could say ( to the northern people) that they exhausted all attempts to negotiate with northern states before UNILATERALLY Seceding. Maybe such a strategy would have avoided Ft Sumter, and the effect that had on mobilizing northern opinion.

I am hypothesizing here. What do you think?

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