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 Posted: Mon Jan 28th, 2013 08:57 am
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After SC seceded I'd say the war was inevitable. We've discussed in the forums before the attack on Fort Pickens in January 1861, (why does this computer no longer give me full access to all the mark-up tools but I can still get them with my laptop?), so we have a case of Florida and Alabama militia troops firing on a federally held fort months before Sumter. By 1860 I'd say the differences between the northern and southern states was probably too great to easily overcome without at least a little bloodshed. We know it wasn't a little bloodshed, it was several fifty gallon drums worth. And even before SC seceded we can see blood was already being shed. Go back to Preston Brooks' attack on Charles Sumner over a speech Sumner had given in the Senate. Sumner didn't die, but he was left bleeding. And then there's Bloody Kansas which did see deaths on both sides. And John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry. Personally the country was just waiting for some kind of spark to seperate it and lead to open warfare betwen the North and South.

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