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 Posted: Mon Dec 4th, 2006 07:40 pm
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Doc, by humiliating defeat, I can illustrate it best this way.

Think of a basketball team with the strongest players and finest coaches.  They're poor kids, but they've done really well all season, and have good reason to be proud.  Besides, their loyal fans expect them to defend the state title.  Then a team of rich kids comes along.  They have fancy uniforms. fly in a charter jet, but they don't play very well and you think they cheat.  The visiting bad team beats the good home team in the championship game.

You know you're good, and you're beaten by inferiors.  Would you feel humiliated?

To top it off, after the Civil War the losers had to take the ironclad oath.  Meaning, "I swear never to take up arms against the government.  And also that I never supported or particpated in the late rebellion."  You had to swear in order to vote and regain other civil rights.  If you lied, you could be denounced by your neighbors.  Without the right to vote, you had no say in who governed you or how high your taxes would be.  That's humiliating for people who had always run the show.  Wno had always believed they had the right and duty to run the show because of their natural superiority.

Another cause of humiliation was that the freedmen were elevated to an equal social level, were allowed to own land, vote, run for office, testify in court, all the things the whites weren't allowed to do.  For people who believed blacks were their social inferiors, that must have been terribly galling.

Hey, I'm just parroting what I've read in books.  I've never talked to anybody face to face about this most fascinating topic.

Aggies?  As in Texas A&M?  Is that what ATM means?  Well, for pete's sake, they put the letters in the wrong order.  You'd think they'd have noticed by now.

Patty  (p.s. I'm not from Texas.)

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