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 Posted: Mon Dec 4th, 2006 08:26 pm
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Patty, what a great analogy. Couldn't have done better if I tried. Indeed, you and Ole don't hail from the great lonestar state. (Not intended to be an insult, neither do I, Louisiana). Yep, that's A&M's logo. Been thinking they've been doing things backwards for quite some time, jk. David, you'd think Ole and Widow are teasips from their responces. On a more serious note, how does the "lost cause" mentality play into the philosophy of today's right wing groups. Do any of these groups have any idea of what their supposed to be espousing ? Do any of them really have a clue to the true events which they seem to be holding so dear, i.e. the "rebel flag",etc.? Have individuals such as this discussion group (myself included) who appear to have a true interest in the facts/truth in the civil war, been negligent in allowing them to raise their voices? Could past conflicts concerning the flying of CSA flags have been avoided if these fringe groups let their voices be heard? Several years ago, I had a discussion with one of friends who happened to be an afro-american ob-gyn in regard to the flying of the confederate flag over his home state capitol of South Carolina. His main objection was it not having been used during the civil war but that it was being used as a symbol for the KKK and other hate groups.

Doc C

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