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 Posted: Fri Feb 1st, 2013 10:00 pm
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  Its all speculation at this point. It is possible that he had some injury in 1862 that had healed nine months later. Or, as you say, perhaps the medical folks in the artillery regiment were less picky than those in the infantry regiment.

  If there were two different men in the two regiments, its possible that they were first cousins. It was common practice for brothers to name their sons after their own brothers. But I am almost certain that it was the same person in both regiments.

  As for the prison angle, I have no idea.

  Checking the roster for the 8th WI Infantry that you provided, I note that as well as Eugene Perham, there was also a Victor Perham. Both were in Co. I, and both were discharged for disability in 1862. I don't find Victor in the WI artillery regiment. Here is Victor's memorial:

Victor Perham (1821 - 1890) - Find A Grave Memorial      Note that the person submitting the memorial is: "Kris." There seems to be a connection, which implies a connection to the Eugene also in the infantry regiment. Victor was born in 1821, and the Eugene candidate I showed earlier was born in 1827, so they could have been brothers. Victor was discharged from the 8th WI two months before Eugene, so it is possible that Eugene wanted out of that regiment.

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