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 Posted: Sat Feb 2nd, 2013 10:43 am
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Texas Defender wrote:
  As for the prison angle, I have no idea.

But the idea makes sense. The roster for the 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery says the Eugene Perham there was discharged, not muster out. And there's no reason given for the discharge. You look at the page, he's one of the few listed as discharged who doesn't have a reason for the discharge listed. Most of those listed as discharged are either discharged due to disability or due to promotion (there is one dishonorable discharge listed on the page). But a handful don't have a reason for the discharge listed.

KrisS initial post did say the remarks stated

Corp, : absent in Mil. pris. at M O of Co.

I did find the roster he was talking about: (he's on page 265 of the book, scroll to page 273 of the site to get to page 265)

However, the thing is that I'm making a conjecture based on the two sources. The Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865. Volume I.
remarks that he was in a Mil. pris. at the time the company is mustered out and the Wisconsin Geneology roster says that he was discharged with no explination as to why. The two sources would seem to confirm he was in prison at the time the company was mustered out. But does that mean no reason given for the discharge means that was because he was ultimately discharged from prison?

Looking at the folks on the Wisconsin Geneology Trails roster without a reason for their discharge there's
  • H
  • iram Janes, Co. A
  • H
  • enry H Johnson, Co. E
  • H
  • enry Knapp, Co. A
  • S
  • eymour Lewis, Co. A
  • L
  • oren S Mallory, Co. A
  • J
  • ohn Martin, Co. E
  • J
  • ohn Maxwell, Co. A
  • L
  • awrence Mericle, Co. L
  • G
  • eorge Merwin, Co. A
  • A
  • lbert Morse, Co. C
  • G
  • eorge Murwin, Co. A
  • W
  • illiam Norwood, Co. D
  • H
  • ugh W Owens, Co. B
  • H
  • enry W Peck, Co. D
  • E
  • ugene Perham, Co. C

Now of that group Albert Morse is the quickest one to look up in the Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865. Volume I. if you're looking at page 265 of the book because he's on that page. The remarks on him say:

M. O. Sept. 21, '65

So he's mustered out according to the book but according to the geneology roster he's discharged. Which brings into question if Eugene Perhams discharge means because he was a prisoner or something else. Going backwards in the book the first we should come to on the list is Hugh Owens of Company B. Page 262 (270 of the site) has Owens on it and the remarks state:

Sergt.; prom. 1st Lieut. 12(?)h U.S.C.T., July 12, 1864

I can't tell what that question mark letter/number is, probably supposed to be the 12th USCT. But Owens isn't listed in the geneology as being discharged due to promotion or transfer.

Company A's George Murwin's remarks aren't any help as the book just says he's discharged. And the book says for George Merwin is to see George Murwin, which sounds like their the same person under two different spellings of their surname. Seymore Lewis is also listed simply as being discharged. John Maxwell in the book is listed as absent a the mustering out of the battery. Hiram Janes is also listed at being absent when the battery was mustered out. Loren Mallory is stated to be a muscian and discharged by orders in June 1862.

Henry Knapp is listed as a drummer and discharged in June 1861. Given the time there it sounds like he might have enlisted for maybe a couple of months (though he was still a couple days shy of two months at the time of discharge).

Moving forward in the book past Company C William Norwood of Company D is listed as being mustered out. Henry Peck is

Enl. Oct. 10, '63; disch. June 20, '65

Henry Johnson of Company E is mustered out in June 1865. John Martin is listed as absent when the battery is mustered out. And Larwence Mercile of Company L was simply listed as discharged in June 1865.

None of the others simply listed as discharged on the geneology site are listed as being in a military prison at the time their company is mustered out so that doesn't reinforce the conjecture. But it can't really be ruled out as a possile reason for why he's discharged instead of muster out with the rest of the company. The problem is that it's still conjecture.

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