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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2013 10:25 am
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  One of the points that I was trying to make was that, by comparison to the number in recent wars, friendly fire incidents were extremely common in the Civil War. Many of those that took place in the Civil War are now known, but many more are not. Without doubt, some are not known because they were covered up.

  I was lamenting the fact that the problem of friendly fire incidents is still with us (As seen recently in the Tillman case), though to a lesser degree than in the distant past. As an institution, however, the military will still put a higher priority on trying to protect its image than any individual. Thus, there will still be a systemic tendency to want to cover up future incidents.

  As for Civil War books, I'm afraid that no matter how large your collection grows, you'll never be able to assemble a complete set.  :?

  Since you have read the book in question and most of the rest of us have not, perhaps you could review it here. The mixup caused by my linking to it is my fault for not looking back to your original posting before including it.

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