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 Posted: Wed Feb 20th, 2013 01:07 pm
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Anybody got any info or a source they can give me about Camp Chase during the Civil War.  I had a gg uncle that was captured near Columbia, SC in February of 1865.  He was exchanged March 9 at Camp Chase.  It shows him being discharged at Camp Chase on June 16, 1865.  His regiment didn't muster out until July 21.  I'm assuming this meant he didn't rejoin his unit after being exchanged.  It shows him being promoted to Sgt on April 10. 

How did the exchange system work during the Civil War?  The fact that the war was in its final stages did they just decide to keep him at Camp Chase instead of going through the trouble of reuniting him with his regiment in North Carolina?  I'm also assuming ( I know the saying about assuming but its all I got)  he was housed in better conditions than the Confederates held there.

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