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  General Curtis LeMay is best known for his role in the campaign of firebombing dozens of Japanese cities. High level bombing by the B-29s had had limited success due to high winds over the Japanese Islands.

  General LeMay was brought in and he decided that it was necessary to make lower level attacks on Japanese targets, and that the bombers would be relatively safe due to a lack of night fighter opposition. He turned out to be right, and Japanese cities were highly flammable.

  The great firebombing raid on Tokyo on 09 March 1945 killed more people than either of the atomic bombs that were dropped in August of that year, which caused the Japanese to finally surrender. It has always been difficult for me to understand the indignation of the Japanese over being subjected to the atomic bombs, when the conventional bombings caused so many more casualties.

  At any rate, General LeMay would have been high up on a list of: "War criminals" that the Japanese might have assembled if the war had turned out differently.

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Curtis LeMay - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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