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 Posted: Tue Dec 5th, 2006 03:01 am
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There are so many wonderful photos from the Civil War and all those above have mentioned some of my favorites such as the three POWS after Gettysburg. I always wonder what eventually happened to them and what hardship awaited them after the photo was taken.

Another of my favorites is an 1865 (or late 1864) photograph of Brigadier General Emerson Opdycke with several of his regimental commanders at Nashville. The look on their faces reflects the traumatic experiences they have witnessed at Franklin  and Nashville, plus whatever other engagements and battles they have fought previously.

Their faces are gaunt and exhausted. They have haunted expressions.  No one smiles. I wonder if they know that the war is almost over, is almost won or do they worry that the horrors just witnessed in Tennessee will continue on and on? I don't see much sign hope in that photo, but I don't see surrender either...just the weight of tremendous, unthinkable responsibilty. What a photograph!

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